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Healthy Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

Get creative with these 50 non-candy healthy Easter basket ideas that are still just as exciting and fun for the kids!

Instead of loading our kids up with a basket simply filled with sugar that everyone will be regretting by the end of the day, here are 20 candy alternatives that they can enjoy throughout the Springtime!

a white wire Easter basket filled with simple non-candy items like coloring pencils, bubble solution, shoes, sunglasses, markers, a stuffed bunny and a sippy cup

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I’m not sure who decided that giving little kids a whole basket of high fructose corn syrup first thing Easter morning when they’re in their best clothes was a good thing!

We did it with our first two kids, marshmallow peeps and all, and we’d spend the rest of the day trying to keep them from eating it all and dealing with the sugar high after they had too much.

Now that I have 8 kids and have a little more sense, we only do a few pieces of candy in the Easter baskets, and the kids really enjoy finding little toys, craft supplies and fun little snacks instead!

These are some ideas of healthier alternatives to Easter candy that I know my kids would enjoy and I think yours would too! Maybe you could choose one idea from each of these categories to add to your family’s Easter baskets this year for a good mix of things!

I know this post is about non-candy Easter ideas, but you really should try making my healthier Reese’s peanut butter eggs this year!

healthier easter basket ideas to eat

There are still plenty of fun foods that aren’t candy, that would be exciting for kids to get in their Easter basket! Maybe special snacks your kids ask for that you can’t budget for on a regular basis or are out of the ordinary for your family.

You can even look for pastel packaging to make the healthier snacks and treats look “on theme” for Easter.

Here are a few ideas that my kids have gotten in the past and really enjoyed:

  • fruit leather
  • real fruit gummies
  • popcorn (I like Boom Chicka Pop because it comes in a pretty purple bag)
  • juice boxes
  • drink mixes (my 13 year old is getting a Boba tea mix in her basket)
  • squeeze pouch apple sauces for little ones
  • dried or fresh fruit
  • trail mix
  • pop tarts (Trader Joe’s carries a healthier pop tart)
  • animal crackers (Mother’s Frosted animal crackers are extra fun)

One year we put different fun breakfast foods in the kids’ baskets and let them snack on that throughout Easter morning instead of fixing a big breakfast.

healthy easter basket ideas to play with

Candy is fun and all, but toys will keep the kids happy much longer.

  • Legos (I buy a set of Legos and divide it up in baggies for each kid, to make it more budget friendly)
  • animal figures
  • hot wheels
  • playdoh
  • Easter books
  • kinetic sand
  • bath toys
  • Calico Critters
  • mini nerf guns (my boys are getting these this year)
  • balloons

healthy easter basket ideas to craft with

Here are some really fun activities that you could include in your kids’ baskets to keep them busy crafting and creating throughout Spring break.

  • Perler beads (buy a set and divide it up into baggies for each kid)
  • markers, crayons or colored pencils
  • coloring books
  • paint by number
  • stickers
  • wiki sticks (if you haven’t seen these things, they’re really fun!)
  • sewing kit
  • scratch art
  • gel pens (my kids never get tired of gel pens)
  • seed starting kit

Each year my kids get all new colored pencils and crayons to replace the old ones. That way we refresh our supply every year.

healthy easter basket ideas to get them outside

Easter Sunday falls at the perfect time to get out and enjoy the weather.

Adding a few fun things to the baskets that your kids can use outside will help give them a little push to spend as much time as possible outside while the weather is so beautiful.

  • bubbles
  • sidewalk chalk
  • gardening kit (it would be cute to give the Easter goodies in a bucket for a garden themed basket!)
  • bug catcher
  • kite
  • water balloons
  • scavenger hunt
  • sand toys
  • pool toys
  • jump rope

healthy easter basket ideas to wear

Take advantage of the opportunity to replace or fill in your kids’ Spring wardrobes by adding something they need to their Easter basket.

We do a lot of hand me downs in our big family, so it’s extra fun for the kids to get something brand new instead.

  • sunglasses
  • fun socks
  • flip flops
  • hat
  • Spring pajamas
  • swimsuit
  • apron
  • hair accessories
  • lip balm or makeup for the big kids
  • dress up accessories

Every Easter my kids each get a new pair of flip flops and Summer pajamas in their baskets. They look forward to it each year!

These are just a handful of ideas of things you could include to make a fun Easter basket that doesn’t include a ton of candy. I’m sure you can think of at least a few more things to add to this list too!

a white wire Easter basket filled with simple non-candy items like coloring pencils, bubble solution, shoes, sunglasses, markers, a stuffed bunny and a sippy cup

If you’re looking to really simplify your kids’ baskets with clutter-free filler ideas, you’ll probably want to check out my minimalist Easter basket ideas as well!

More healthy Lifestyle Choices:

If you found these non-candy Easter basket ideas helpful, here are some healthier options to swap out for common treats!

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