Hi! I’m Elizabeth

I have always loved the idea of “home” ever since I was a little girl. Having a place where I belonged. The word homemaking never had a negative sound to it.

I mean, making a home? I can’t think of a more fulfilling day job!

I’m a firm believer in the importance of making time for hobbies as a homemaker. It’s easy to get lost in the “daily grind” leading to resentment an d discontent. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing ways to make homemaking more of the art it’s meant to be than a dull job!

On this blog, you’ll find ways to be more productive with little kids at home, and ways to feel more fulfilled as a busy homemaker. I share healthy kid friendly recipes and all natural handmade, DIY ideas.

My Favorites

Homemaking items I would recommend again and again!

kitchen appliance

6 quart instant pot

sewing tool

Brother Sewing Machine

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glass amber spray bottles

Essential Oils

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