Do you wish you had a REAL plan for keeping up with all of your housework every single day? Have you had a hard time sticking with planners in the past?

Then you don’t need just any planner, you need a PLAN!

the complete printable homemaking planner graphic showing over 50 sheets of checklists and charts

What’s included in this planner?

The homemaking planner is made up of 60 pages of charts, checklists, schedules and plans including:

  • easy to follow meal plan system
  • monthly overview sheets
  • self care goal tracker
  • bill tracker
  • project goal tracker
  • routine cleaning checklist for your entire house
  • deeper cleaning and organizing checklist for your entire house
  • grocery shopping list
  • important dates log
  • contact list
  • password tracker
  • hourly daily schedule
  • weekly chore planner
the complete printable homemaking planner graphic showing over 50 sheets of checklists and charts

you might just need This Homemaking planner if you:

  • struggle to stick with store-bought yearly planners
  • feel “stuck” and don’t know how to keep up with your housework
  • struggle to stick to your New Year’s resolutions every single year.
  • need a more simple way to keep track of all of your responsibilities.
  • feel overwhelmed with all there is to do each day.
  • needs help knowing how to let things go sometimes.
  • feel unfulfilled as a homemaker.

Sound like something you need in your life?

This planner is made to take the place of your calendar, to do list, meal plan, address book, budget tracker and even grocery list!

The Complete Homemaking Planner allows you to lay out your goals for the year and break them down into monthly, weekly and daily steps making them much more attainable!

You’ll receive a 60 page digital PDF file to download and print as many times as you like. The planner will come with a color version as well as a more simple style that looks better if you just have a black and white printer.

Ready to make 2024 the year to become the best homemaker you’ve ever been?

I’m a mom of seven and I have definitely experienced that burnt out feeling! When my twin boys were born almost six years ago, I went through a year of feeling completely lost and overwhelmed. Keeping up on the housework seemed impossible!

It’s been five years since I started developing a system for staying on top of all of the things I had to do around the house without getting burned out. This flexible system is laid out in my homemaking planner, and I’m excited to finally offer it for you to use too!

Buy the homemaking planner now for only $12

** this is a digital download, not a physical product **

My housekeeping routines and cleaning checklists included in this planner are being used by women around the world! No more wondering what you should clean or organize next. It’s already laid out for you!

This planner isn’t about how to get the most work you done that you possibly can in a day. It’s a way to better balance your time between work and relaxation so you can STOP being busy and actually enjoy life as a homemaker!

Homemaking is a beautiful role that shouldn’t be a drag. Time to make more time to be creative and try things you’ve always wanted to have time for!

So what are you waiting for? 2024 CAN be the year to make the change you’re needing to be a better homemaker than ever before!