Over 100 Minimalist Gift Ideas – For All Ages

It can be hard to think of minimalist gift ideas. What should you give someone who doesn’t like things? This gift guide will help you to find the perfect minimalist gift for Christmas or any other occasion!

minimalist gift ideas for the whole family displayed on a graphic. There is a  house plant, a solo bonfire stove, a set of books, a wireless speaker, beef jerky, crafts and leather products.

Looking for gifts for friends or family who live a minimalist lifestyle can be tricky. You don’t want to give them something they won’t want to keep. It can be a real challenge to find a good gift that will actually be appreciated and enjoyed!

Nobody wants to feel like they’ve wasted money on unwanted gifts. But, you can’t just not give them anything at all. So what do you give someone who doesn’t like things?

The thing is, minimalists often really do like to receive gifts though! But ones with more intention and thought behind them. Meaningful gifts. Quality over quantity.

Or maybe you’re here because you yourself are the minimalist who doesn’t know what kind of gifts they actually want! I get it! My husband hates shopping for me because I don’t enjoy receiving your typical husband to wife birthday gifts. I like to make him think outside the box to prove he really loves me, hehe!

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Whoever it is you’re needing a great gift idea for, this gift list will definitely help! I’ve included over 100 of the best minimalist gift ideas for “him and her” and a wide age range of kids too.

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What can i gift a minimalist?

When you’re looking for minimalist gift ideas, you want to choose something that won’t add clutter to their home. Stay clear of knick knacks, clothing, small kitchen appliances and basically anything they probably like to pick out for themselves.

Now, not all people who live a minimalist way of life like the same things. That’s why it’s important to know the interests of the friend or family member you’re buying a gift for.

Does the gift recipient like getting out and trying new things? Is quality time important to them? Does a thoughtful gift that really shows you know them well make them the happiest?

Here are some categories to help you find the perfect gift to give the minimalist on your list:

experience gifts

The best and safest minimalist gift ideas are things that take up no space at all. Something that fits this criteria is the gift of an experience.

Think of it as giving them the opportunity to try or do something they would probably not make time for on their own. You really do have to know the person you’re giving this type of gift to. You don’t want to put them too far out of their comfort zone!

A solo bonfire stove

meaningful personal gifts

A special gift that is something that would mean a lot to this specific person. A meaningful gift could be as simple as scheduled quality time together or an offer to watch a new mom’s kids for her while she gets a rest. Something that shows just how much you care about them and understand their needs.

When I had my twin boys, my Aunt would stop by on her way to work, bring me a coffee and offer to hold them while i took a shower or something. It meant so much to me. Much more than a gift bag full of clothes would have!

a zz house plant in a pot

practical gifts

Practical gifts are physical gifts that are useful but not going to end up being clutter. Good quality items that serve a purpose are great gifts for minimalists. Gifts that they want but haven’t bought themselves since the items aren’t an absolute necessity and are more of a luxury.

consumable gifts

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with consumable gifts when you’re shopping for a minimalist friend or family member. Think things that can be quickly used up like food or supplies. Coffee drinkers might appreciate a special delivery from their favorite coffee shop. Your friend who likes to grill would be able to use some special seasoning salts or rub blends.

minimalist gift ideas for him

experience gifts

  • concert tickets – if you aren’t sure what day will work best for him, just give him the brochure or link to the concert information so that he has a say in the date before you purchase the tickets.
  • flying lessons
  • escape room is a fun and unique date idea! In an escape room, your group is locked in a room where you have to work through a series of problems in order to escape.
  • sporting event tickets
  • in home dinner date – simple, inexpensive but its the perfect gift for the guy in your life who loves quality time.
  • cooking lessons – a chance to learn some new techniques in a fun atmosphere as a couple or in a group.
  • zipline
  • golf lessons – you’ll have to make sure it will work with his schedule first, but golf lessons would make a great experience gift for the aspiring golfer.
  • wine tour
  • online course – you could sign him up to learn from a variety of masters all over the world with MasterClass for $15 a month.

meaningful personal gifts

The homemade gin kit

practical gifts

nice men's leather work gloves.

consumable gifts

a box of all natural beef jerky sticks

minimalist gift idea for her

experience gifts

  • gift certificate to a local spa for a well deserved pampering.
  • yoga class
  • gourmet cooking class – a chance to learn some new techniques in a fun atmosphere as a couple or in a group.
  • concert tickets – make sure she’ll be free before purchasing!
  • watercolor class – this is something I would love to be gifted.
  • wine tasting – for a romantic date, or quality time with a friend.
  • sewing/knitting/crochet class
  • massage – always good to relieve some stress.
  • pottery class

meaningful personal gifts

Magnolia magazine with a picture of Joanna Gaines roller skating on the cover

practical gifts

a pink confetti coffee thermos

consumable gifts

a plate of chocolate covered strawberries

minimalist gift ideas for Older kids

experience gifts

  • hot air balloon ride for a memory that will last a lifetime!
  • rock climbing, either a gift certificate or go on an outing together.
  • horseback riding, a fun gift for outdoorsy kids.
  • bowling, fun for all ages!
  • dance class
  • sewing/craft classes help them learn a practical skill that will last a lifetime.
  • voice/acting lessons for the one on your list with a flare for dramatics.
  • photography course, teens would really enjoy learning to take better photos!
  • cake decorating class – another fun skill that will come in handy when they’re grown.
  • zipline adventure for a really fun time!

meaningful personal gifts

  • accessories for their favorite sport
  • give the gift of time – take them on an outing or spend the day together.
  • buy a board game and snacks for a game togetherCarcassone is one of our family’s favorite “big kid board games”.
  • watch a movie with snacks.
  • write them a letter – simple but something that would mean a lot to certain personalities.
  • session with a professional photographer – I don’t know what teen wouldn’t love some good quality headshots!
  • take them to a bookstore and let them choose some books as a gift.
  • take a class together – learn a new skill and strengthen your bond.
Carcassone big box game set

practical gifts

a  mint color wireless Bluetooth speaker

consumable gifts

Learn to knit set

Great minimalist gifts for younger kids

experience gifts

Giving the gift of an experience or outing might not get the same excited reaction from kids as opening a toy does. But they will outgrow and lose interest in toys, quickly forgetting that you gave them.

An experience gift is so much more than a toy. You’re helping the child to make important memories and building a wonderful relationship with them!

Of course you should always get the parents consent before you tell kids about an experience gift. Since you can’t exactly wrap an experience in wrapping paper, you can put a brochure or picture of the destination or lessons in a fun colored envelope with confetti inside to make it look more exciting!

  • dance lessons – put a brochure abut the dance lessons in a box filled with tissue paper so that they can unwrap it instead of just telling them about it.
  • movie theatre outing
  • kids camp, might be more of a gift for mom and dad…
  • restaurant outing
  • picnic in the park or even in their backyard.
  • music lessons
  • craft class – check your local craft stores to see when they host craft events.
  • swimming lessons
  • zoo/aquarium trip
  • mini golf date – my kids’ favorite place to go on a “date”.

meaningful personal gifts

  • subscription boxes like kiwi crate, a subscription to receive a box of educational craft projects for different age groups. You can choose between a monthly, 3-, 6- or 12 month plan.
  • audible membership, the perfect birthday gift for kids who love to listen to audio stories.
  • write a letter and mail it to them. Showing you care doesn’t have to cost a penny. Kids love receiving mail! Add a sheet of stickers or a sheet of temporary tattoos for fun.
  • bring a board game and sit down to play it together. Rat a Tat Cat card game is a great option that’s fun for all ages and is also simple to learn how to play.
  • fill a photo album with printed pictures of memories you’ve had together (I love Shutterfly for affordable quality)
  • grow some flowers togetherzinnia seeds are so easy to grow outside and the more you pick the blooms, the more they will produce!
  • gift your favorite books from your childhood, classics like Little House on the Prairie and any of Jan Brett’s Books
  • a diary – help them write their very first post to get started!
  • extensions to their favorite toysLegos, Picasso Tiles and Playmobil are sets that kids can collect and add on to each birthday.
Little House on The Prairie book set

practical gifts

a Green Toys watering can and shovel set

consumable gifts

a beeswax candle making kit for kids

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a graphic with various minimalist gift ideas for the whole family

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