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How to Keep Up With Laundry – And Never Fall Behind Again

Tired of being overwhelmed by a never-ending pile of laundry taking over your house? Here are 10 ways to change that! Keep up with laundry in less than 20 minutes a day with these easy steps.

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Laundry, its that chore that is never going to go away, whether you are single or raising a large family. And its never really done either, right? Just when you get that last load washed, somebody soils their outfit for the third time that day and you’re back to having dirty laundry.

So we can all see that laundry is a never ending cycle of dirty, washed, dried, folded and put away. But, somewhere along the line, we get hung up. Maybe you can’t seem to get a load folded before the cycle starts over. Or if you do get it folded in a reasonable amount of time, someone knocks over your piles of clean laundry before they get put away!

Its pretty clear that there needs to be a system to get that laundry from its dirty state to clean and folded in the drawers again before you are back to washing laundry again!

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Its easy to get overwhelmed by laundry, but its just as easy to implement this routine! Ready to change the way you handle that pile of laundry? Lets do this!

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How to Stop Being Overwhelmed by Your Pile of Laundry

1. Stick to a Simple, Easy to Remember Laundry Routine:

A routine that actually helps you save time, is one that is easy to remember and doesn’t need to be written out or thought about each day. My routine is extremely basic. I always know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing each day without wasting time planning. Here is what I do:

MONDAYSwash and dry dirty laundry
TUESDAYSfold and put away clean laundry
WEDNESDAYSwash and dry dirty laundry
THURSDAYSfold and put away clean laundry
FRIDAYSwash and dry dirty laundry
SATURDAYSfold and put away dirty laundry

Simple, but effective! This schedule works great for my large family. If you don’t have enough laundry to wash on the wash days, thank your lucky stars and skip it that day!

Sheets and Towels

I find its easiest to designate specific days for washing towels and sheets. This way, I’m not doing an extra load for them each washing day. Its easy to go through all of the bathrooms gathering towels to wash each Wednesday, instead of checking to see which ones are dirty every washing day. The same thing with bedding. set a day you want to wash bedding and stick to it.

a bag of laundry hanging from a peg coat rack in a bathroom. a plant is hanging from the ceiling

2. Have Hampers in Obvious Places for your Kids and Spouse to Avoid Gathering up Piles of Laundry:

Going from room to room gathering dirty laundry to wash is a big waste of time. The easiest solution is to have a hamper in either the bathroom or other easy to remember spot so that each family member can do their part. In our 2 story house, we have two bathrooms upstairs along with all of our bedrooms. I hang a washable laundry bag in each bathroom and everyone knows that their dirty things go in these bags. On washing days its as simple as gathering up the bags and throwing them in the dirty hampers in the laundry room!

3. Take a Couple Minutes Before Bed to Prep for the Next Day’s Laundry Chore:

In the evening, I like to give myself a head start on the next day’s laundry job. So if I’m washing laundry the next day, I’ll go ahead and gather the laundry bags from the bathrooms and throw them into the laundry room hampers.

If I’m going to be folding and putting piles of laundry away the next day, I’ll unload the dryer or drying racks and carry the clothes upstairs to make it easier on myself the next morning. Don’t think of it as extra work, just looking out for yourself the next day!

a laundry basket full of clean laundry

4. The Best Way to Keep from Getting Overwhelmed by Laundry is to Get it Done First Thing in the Morning:

Getting your laundry done in the morning is the best feeling! I mean, who doesn’t want to forget about laundry? It takes me about 15 minutes of active work, to get my task knocked out for the day. Maybe this doesn’t sound relaxing to you, but I like to drink my morning coffee while I do laundry. It helps me form the habit of getting to it nice and early so its not on my mind all day long.

5. Combine Loads:

Ok, hear me out. I know you aren’t supposed to wash towels with other types of laundry. But, I have been for years and its working out ok! Simplify in ways that work for your family, Just because most people do it one way doesn’t mean its the only way. I do a delicate cold load of mine and the kids’ clothes, one on hot for towels, sheets and my husband’s casual clothes and one last cycle for his work clothes since he works in a smelly factory.

an amber spray bottle spraying laundry stain remover spray at a dress

6. Check for Stains After Washing:

One of the biggest time saving tactics for me is to check for stains as I’m taking the freshly cleaned clothes out of the washing machine, before they are dried. Even if I sprayed stains before washing, I’d have to check them after they were washed to make sure the stains came out, so I’m saving myself one step here. For one thing, stain remover spray works best on wet clothing. For another, some stains might come out without spraying them, and this way, you save yourself some stain remover! If an article of clothing is still stained after going through the wash, simply spray the stain, put it back in the hamper to let the stain remover soak in til next washing day!

Now, the only time I spray stains before is if the item is very obviously soiled. For example if my son spills chocolate milk on his shirt, I’ll change as soon as possible. Then I’ll spray the spot at that time to keep it from setting. I like to have a bucket of water and borax in my laundry room to toss very stained items in if I don’t have time to spray them before washing. Then on washing day, I just dump the bucket of wet clothes in the washing machine and launder as usual!

a closet full of girls dresses and shoes

7. Buy Low Maintenance Clothing:

Buying wrinkle free clothing will save you a lot of time ironing. I hate ironing so much that we don’t own a single item of clothing that needs it! Call me lazy, but it sure does help speed up the laundry process.

8. Keep the Laundry Pile Moving:

The longer the pile of laundry sits in one spot, the harder its going to be to get caught up. I like to dump out the clean clothes in the hallway between bedrooms. Next, I sort it into piles for each bedroom. And fold in the room they go in. Because, waiting to fold the clothes til is just asking for someone to run past and knock your piles down! Dumping the clean clothes in a very obnoxious and in the way spot will make me want to get it folded and put away as quickly as possible to get it out of the way!

9. Cut Corners if You Have to When Folding:

Laundry that’s put away is better than laundry left in the pile, right? If you’re finding you’re having a hard time having enough time to fold and put away your clean clothes. You might just have to cut a few corners here and there. My boys have a drawer just for PJs. If I’m running short on time, I just turn the pajamas right side out and stick them in the drawer. Since they won’t wrinkle so folding is just a formality anyway!

a young girl hanging laundry on drying racks

10. Get Your Kids Help to Tackle the Pile of Laundry:

Feeling overwhelmed by laundry isn’t going to help anyone. Getting your kids involved with age appropriate chores can really help take some of the load off of you and teach them useful life skills. Like I said in the beginning, everyone has to do wash clothes, so they need to learn at some point! Here are some ways your little people can be a really big help with keeping up with the family’s laundry:

3-5 yr. old’shelp unload the washing machine and dryer
3-5 yr. old’sfold and put away clean laundry
9 and upspray stains and work the washing machine

Making things as simple and straight forward as possible will help your kids actually help you instead of giving you more work to do. Adding dividers inside drawers makes it clear exactly where each type of clothing belongs and keeps stacks of folded clothing in place.

Have you seen my kids’ chore charts yet?

a dresser drawer filled with neatly folded girls' clothing in drawer dividers

Bonus, Tip #11: Declutter Your Family’s Clothing

I can’t tell you how much starting a capsule wardrobe system has helped me to keep from getting overwhelmed by laundry. Less clothing = Less laundry.

Start Using these 10 Ways to Keep Up with Your Pile of Laundry, and Stop Being Overwhelmed Today!

If you are serious about getting that laundry pile out of your living room, give these 10 tips a try! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Try setting the timer to see just how quickly you can knock this chore out each morning. It really can be a 15 minute a day deal!

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  1. With the mesh bags, do you tie them up To keep them seperated or just throw them and let the clothing mingle? I’ve thought about doing this for a while, but wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

  2. Wow. I don’t know why the bag in the bathroom hasn’t come to my mind before, but this is a tip I needed for my family who tends to put their laundry on the floor and not in the hamper no matter how many times I ask for them not to do this!!!! I am buying them today and hopefully they put their dirties in there. Thank you for the idea. I will also be trying your stain spray recipe because my family makes SO many stains!!!!

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