5 Natural Ways To Clean The Toilet Bowl Without Chemicals

Looking for a natural way to clean a toilet bowl without having to use toxic chemicals?

These 5 non-toxic methods use common household ingredients like vinegar and baking soda to break up even hard water stains.

a clean toilet with text over the picture that says "5 ways to clean the toilet bowl naturally with household ingredients"

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what you need to naturally clean a toilet bowl

  • Vinegar – White vinegar can break down mineral deposits and naturally disinfect the surface of the toilet bowl.
  • Baking Soda – Baking soda helps remove stains, neutralize odors, and acts as a mildly abrasive cleaner.
  • Bon Ami PowderBon Ami is a non toxic cleaning powder that works incredibly well on tough stains without scratching shiny surfaces. It’s also my go to for cleaning the kitchen sink and stovetop without having to use much elbow grease!
  • Citric Acid – Homemade toilet cleaning bombs use citric acid to create a fizzing action that helps break up build up and remove toilet stains.
  • Essential Oils – A few drops of essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon or lavender can be added to your cleaning solution for their disinfectant and antifungal properties and pleasant fragrance.
  • Scouring Stick – For scraping off really crusty hard water stains, there is nothing that works better than a pumice stone scouring stick.
  • Toilet Scrub Brush – Use a toilet brush to apply your natural cleaning solution to the sides of the toilet bowl.
  • Rubber Gloves – Because nobody wants to stick their bare hand into a dirty toilet bowl, make sure you have a pair of long rubber gloves on hand. (literally)

Natural Ways to clean a toilet bowl:

baking soda and vinegar

The easiest way to clean the toilet routinely is with just a 1/4 cup scoop of baking soda and about a half a cup of white vinegar.

You want to make sure to scrub the baking soda around before adding the vinegar because they can cancel each other out if they are added at the same time.

The baking soda will fizz and bubble as soon as the vinegar is added. One the fizzing goes down, scrub the inside of the toilet bowl again with your toilet brush.

For best results, leave this solution to sit until the toilet needs flushing after the next use.

a person holding a jar of baking soda and a glass bottle of vinegar

homemade toilet cleaning tablets

This method works in the same way as the baking soda and vinegar solution, with a few extra benefits.

Having toilet cleaner tablets on hand is more convenient than having to drag a bottle of vinegar and box of baking soda around. You can just store them right under your bathroom sink.

a pile of homemade toilet cleaning tablets laying next to a lemon and a striped dish towel

They contain citric acid, a natural ingredient that causes the cleaning bombs to start fizzing when you drop one into the toilet bowl. The fizzy action isn’t just fun to watch, it also helps loosen grime and build up without you having to use a toilet brush!

Full step by step instructions.

Bon Ami Powder

If baking soda and vinegar isn’t simple enough for you, Bon Ami Powder is a great non-toxic cleaning product that works just as well. Just sprinkle some into the toilet, scrub it around with the toilet brush and leave it until you flush the toilet next.

I just keep a can of Bon Ami in each bathroom under the sink. It’s non toxic so not worries about it poisoning your kids if they get into it.


Borax can be used in the same way you would use Bon Ami powder for cleaning the toilet bowl.

DIY Toilet Cleaning Gel

Having a toilet leaning solution premixed and stored under your bathroom sink is really handy.

This solution, made with castile soap, baking soda, borax and essential oils, is completely natural and very effective!

baking soda, castile soap, borax, essential oils and an empty dish soap squeeze bottle on counter

Full step by step instructions.

pumice stone scouring stick

If your toilet bowl has excessive hard water build up or a lot of mineral stains, unfortunately it’s time to roll your sleeves up and pull on some rubber gloves.

Clean the toilet first, using any of the methods listed above, and then scrub away at the hard water build up and stains using a pumice scouring stick.

It’s my cleaning secret weapon for “impossible situations” like burnt stains on the stovetop, cleaning the oven glass and even rust in my kitchen sink!

The pumice stone won’t scratch any shiny surfaces you use it on, as long as it’s wet.

FAQ about natural ways to clean toilet bowl:

What are the basic ingredients for natural toilet bowl cleaner?

DIY natural toilet bowl cleaners are usually made from common household ingredients you already have in your pantry like baking soda and vinegar.

Did you know you can clean your carpets with baking soda and vinegar too?

Essential oils can be added to deodorize the toilet while also adding cleaning benefits.

How can I remove stains from my toilet bowl naturally?

Using an acidic substance such as vinegar or lemon juice will help dissolve mineral deposits and stains in the toilet bowl.

Adding a mildly abrasive ingredient like baking soda or borax helps to scrub away any build up or residue on the sides of the bowl.

Can I use white vinegar to clean a toilet bowl?

White vinegar is great for cleaning just about anything, including the toilet bowl. Its a mild acid which enables it to effectively break down stains and tackle the buildup of hard water deposits.

a hand in a rubber glove scrubbing a toilet bowl with a toilet brush

Are essential oils effective for natural toilet bowl cleaning?

Certain essential oils, such as tea tree, lemon and lavender can be an effective addition to your natural toilet cleaner for several reasons:

  1. Pleasant Scent
  2. Antibacterial Properties
  3. Stain Removing Abilities

When using essential oils in your toilet bowl cleaner, just a few drops are enough to achieve the desired fragrance and cleaning benefits.

Is baking soda effective at cleaning a toilet bowl?

Yes, baking soda can be effective at cleaning a toilet bowl. Because baking soda is mildly abrasive, it can help scrub away stains, mineral deposits, and grime in the toilet bowl. It’s also known for its natural deodorizing properties.

How often should I clean my toilet bowl naturally?

It’s best to clean your toilet at least once a week to prevent stains and hard water buildup and to keep up good hygiene in your bathroom.

I use homemade thieves cleaner to clean the rest of the outside of the toilet.

Your bathroom might need cleaning more or less often though, depending on how much use it gets.

more natural cleaning tips and tricks:

If you’re looking to ditch commercial chemical-filled cleaners and find natural ways to clean your house, I think you’ll really enjoy these other DIY cleaners and non-toxic cleaning hacks on the blog!

I hope you find these methods for cleaning toilets naturally helpful! If you try them, I’d love for you to come back and leave a comment and rating so that I know how it went!

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a hand in a rubber glove using a scrubby to clean a toilet with text over the picture that says "5 ways to clean the toilet bowl naturally with household ingredients"

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